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Product Code : 12
Brand Name : ADVANTIX 400
Product Description


Advantix 400 for dogs is an effective parasiticide used inthe treatment and prevention of external parasite infestations in dogs. Onceapplied, Advantix repels parasites such as fleas, ticks, sand flies,mosquitoes, and stable flies by paralaysing and inhibiting the life cycle ofthe parasite. With its unique properties, Advantix for dogs can be used as partof a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).

When applied as directed by your vet, the active ingredientin Advantix, Imidaclopird, acts efficiently against the most common and mostimportant external parasites before they can bite. Unlike conventionaltreatments, Advantix innovatively repels external parasites before they reachyour dog's skin. In doing this, Advantix reduces parasitic bites, which in turnreduces the risk of parasite-transmitted diseases. Its efficacy is not hinderedby light water exposure, meaning your dog can still bathe and swim whilst beingprotected.

Advantix is manufactured by Bayer and is developedspecifically for dogs. As such, it must never be used in cats.

Contains 4 Pipettes.

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