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Canopas 100Ml Ear Cleanser

Canopas 100Ml Ear Cleanser
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Product Code : Salicylic Acid
Product Description

Canopas 100Ml Ear Cleanser:The active &key ingredient of the solution is Salicylic Acid, a bacterio-static, fungicidal,and keratolytic compound.

Indications: Acts as a purifying agent for ears cleanup on a regular basis or as a pre-treating agentin combination with antibiotics (otitis)

Mechanism of action:
Salicylic Acid: It is an acidic agent which creates a non-favorable environment for bacteria and fungi  disease-causing pathogens.The main use of Salicylic Acid promotes high rapid epithelial cells shedding, where they contribute to ears purity. Please note that Salicylic Acid does not kill germs directly, but it just prevents the further growth through changing the pH balance to the acidic conditions.

For routine ear cleanup, use cleanser 2-3times weekly.

For a pre-treatment for otitis externa, use ear cleanser before at each application of concomitant drug, or as directed by your vet.


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