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Product Code : 149
Brand Name : EDTA TRIZ 110ML
Product Description


What is Triz-EDTA?

Triz-EDTA solution is an ear cleaner used in dogs and cats.  It is primarily used as adjunct therapy for the treatment of ear infections such as otitis (inflammation of the ear) and particularly those infections caused by gram negative bacteria.


What is in Triz-EDTA ear drops?

The solution contains typically contains two ingredients.  EDTA which chelates metal ions, such as calcium and magnesium,  These ions are necessary to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane or cell wall of bacteria. The EDTA makes the cell membrane become porous so that antibiotics can diffuse easily into the bacteria and terminate the infection. T

The solution also contains a Triz buffer which keeps the ear canal at an optimum pH for many antibiotics such as aminoglycosides and fluoroquinolones.


Clinically, Triz-EDTA solution is used as cleaning agent and/or pre-treatment solution. Specifically, it may be used before antibacterial medication is applied or in conjunction with anti-biotic solutions

Triz-EDTA solution may also be used as a flushing agent. It is safe to use and can be used to flush the bulla in cases of otitis media (inflammation of the inner ear).  Subsidiary uses also include a flushing agent for multiple organ systems (urogenital, skin, bladder, trachea, etc.). However, depending on the site there may be issue of sterility.  If you are considering using it for an alternative internal system, you should check with the Bova Pharmacists for further advice.


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