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Product Code : 190
Brand Name : ICHMUNE C 100
Product Description


Immunosuppressant for treatment of Atopic Dermatitisin Dogs.

Work on the specific cells in immune system whichcause allergic reaction.

Wide distribution in tissues, concentrates on skinand relieves redness and lesions of skin.

Available in 3-mode different strengths for dosingconvenience as per body weight.

Useful for other immune medicated skin diseases likePerianal fistulas.


Compositions:Each soft gelatin capsule contains:


Cyclosporine USP - 100 mg: in the color of FerricOxide Red,

Cyclosporine USP - 50 mg:   in the color of Ferric Oxide Red and FerricOxide Black,

Cyclosporine USP - 25 mg:  in the color of Ferric Oxide Red.

Category: Potent Immunosuppressive Agent.


Pharmacodynamics:  The Cyclosporine is a potentimmunue-suppressive agent which has shown to work via suppression of T-helperand T-suppressor cells. Inhibition of interleukin-2. Doesn't impair thehematopoietic system/cell-mediated immunologic responses. The decrease in CD4& CD8 cells was not shown in dogs receiving 20 mg/kg/day of cyclosporinefor 56 days. The medicine is not corticosteroid or an antihistamine.


Pharmacokinetics:This is extensively metabolized by the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system in theliver with a lesser degree of gastrointestinal tract and the kidney.



 Treatment forthe atopic dermatitis in dogs.

Used as an aid in the treatment of perianal fistulaein dogs. The fistula (also known as perianal fistula) is a syndrome of swollen,ulcer & draining sinuses around the anus (perianal), region of dogs, mostlyin German Shepherds, which is thought to be an immune-mediated condition.

The Perianal fistula is extremely painful,unpleasant smell and often requires surgery. The limited study has shown on theuse of cyclosporine for the treatment of perianal fistulae in dogs. It may helpto reduce or resolve symptoms.


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