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Product Code : 233
Brand Name : IPAKITIN 180GM
Product Description


Epakitinfor Dogs and Cats Yourpet’s kidneys are constantly cleaning their blood. As your pet ages however,the performance of the kidneys can diminish. This can lead to Chronic RenalFailure (CRF) or kidney failure, a leading cause of illness in dogs and cats.Signs of CRF can include a loss of energy in your pet, drinking excess waterand urination, and ultimately a loss of appetite. It can be a sad, slow processto witness. There is help however, with Epakitin. 

Epakitin for Dogs and Cats from Vétoquinol USA, Inc., is a nutritionalsupplement that can help slow down the progress of chronic kidney disease.Epakitin comes in a powder form that is great tasting for your dog or cat. Whenused with a prescription renal diet, or mixed with your pet’s regular food,Epakitin supports kidney function safely, and effectively. Its effectivenessand ease of use makes it a popular choice among owners looking for CRF relieffor their pets. 

With Epakitin for Dogs and Cats, your pet will begin to regain energy, willfeel better and live longer. There is hope for pets suffering from kidneydisease with easy to use, safe and effective Epakitin for Dogs and Cats. 

Nutritionalsupplement for cats and dogs to help slow down the progression of chronickidney disease

Great-tasting,easy-to-administer powder, just sprinkle over dry food or mix with a smallamount of canned food

Epakitin'sactive ingredient, chitosan, is a natural polysaccharide derived from shells ofshrimp and crab. This ingredient naturally binds phosphorus, which limits theabsorption of phosphorus from the intestines and that limitation helps petswith chronic kidney disease by slowing down damage caused by the disease

Effectiveas a phosphate binder, decreasing serum phosphorus levels and has been shown toreduce urea and creatinine levels

Administrationcan be lifelong and there are no reported side effects.


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