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Dogs can suffer from a disease similar to cirrhosis,which is known as Chronic Active Hepatitis. It is not known what sparks this disease off, but the effects on the liver can be devastating.

The disease causes the immune system to produce antibodies which affect the liver cells, causing blood flow to be restricted in the liver.Toxic compounds exacerbate the problem, and if left unchecked liver failure canresult.

Doberman Pinschers, Cocker Spaniels, and certain Terriers are predisposed to this disease. Other diseases which can affect the liver are cancer and hepatitis.

Lisybin for Dogs:

If you are concerned about your dog's overall liver health, then adding Lisybin to his or her daily routine can provide much-needed peace of mind.

How to use:

In order to administer Lisybin for dogs, it is best to give it to him or her at least 60 minutes before a meal and on an emptys to mach. However, if it is difficult to administer the tablets to your pet in this way, then Denamarin may be hidden in a small amount of food. Denamarin is also available in a convenient liver-flavored chewable form.

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