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NUTRICOAT Advance 200g

NUTRICOAT Advance 200g
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Product Code : Advance 200g
Product Description


Nutricoat, the leading brand among skin supplements,provides essential fatty acids such as Linoleic (Omega 6) and Linolenic (Omega3) acids, useful for maintaining skin health. Other vital nutrients likebiotin, Zinc, selenium, vitamins A, D3 and E supplement the action of essentialfatty acids in maintaining the skin and coat condition. Can be used in case ofDry, lusterless hair and alopecia, Scaly nutritional dermatoses and dandruff,Hyperkeratosis and spectacular eye, Allergic dermatitis and pruritus and toimprove immune status of skin. The tonic maintains healthy skin and metabolismin dogs, provides essential fatty acids such as linoleic (omega 6) andlinolenic (omega 3), also useful for maintaining coat.



Useful for maintaining healthy skin.

Maintains coat.

Balances metabolism of your pet.

Composition: Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid, Oleic acid, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin,Vitamin D3, Selenium, Biotin, Lecithin, Vitamin B6.



Dogs: 5 gms/day,

Pregnant / Nursing bitches: 10 gms/day.


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