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Product Code : 222
Brand Name : PETORAL-K TAB
Product Description

Description :

PETORAL-K is recommended as an oral anti-fungal treatmentduring chronic or severe fungal infections, in concurrence with topicaltreatment.

Each tablet contains:

Ketoconazole IP 200 mg

Indications :

Malassezia dermatitis/Otitis (Superficial mycosis)

Dermatophytosis/ringworm (Superficial mycosis)

Aspergillosis, Histoplasmosis etc.

Benefits :

Flavored tablets - Easy acceptance

Scored tablets - Convenient dosing.

Dosage :

5-10mg/kg bw once daily (duration depends on disease condition& response to medication)

Liver supplement (Tefroli Forte) is recommended assupportive

Serum liver enzyme levels to be monitored during long-termor high-dose therapy.

Presentation :

Carton of 5 x 10 tablets.


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