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Product Code : 53
Brand Name : RAKSHARAB 10ML
Product Description


Raksharab vaccine contains tissue culture Rabiesvirus produced in BHK21 cell line, originated from Baby Hamster Kidney cells and inactivated with aziridine compound. Rabies is zoonetic which causes inflammation and rain is usually fatal. Rabies primarily infects mammals and is caused by the rabies virus. The only solution to prevent rabies is timelyvaccination with Anti-rabies vaccination.


Raksharab vaccine is indicated for immunization ofdogs and other domestic animals


Animals with pre-existing illness/ incubating diseases/ transportation stress and animals recovering from a disease should not be vaccinated. Animals suffering from fever, malnutrition, skin infection, parasitic infections and infestations and animals under corticosteroid treatment should not be vaccinated.

Side Effects:

Generally no adverse reactions are noticed. Occasionally a transient, in duration might occur at the site of injection, which resolves in a few days.


1 mL should be administered by intramuscularly orsubcutaneously through an area of clean, dry skin with all aseptic precautions.A sterile needle and syringe should be used for each vaccination.

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