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TOP 10 (60 TABS)

TOP 10 (60 TABS)
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Product Code : 202
Brand Name : TOP 10 (60 TABS)
Product Description


The multivitamin tablets having vital vitamins &minerals which endows the dog with the energy to carry on its daily lifehappily & healthily. The supplement ensures the essential nutrients arebeing supplied to the body of your dog. They boost the bone and teeth build-upin dogs undergoing initial months of their life, along with encouraging aluminous coat and healthy eyes. Grown dogs will be blessed with the stamina& agility for enjoying each day of their lives fully.

Ingredients:Yeasts, Minerals, Molluscs and Crustaceans, various Sugars, Milk and Milkderivatives.


Healthy development and growth.

Maintains good health in older dogs.

Maintains good luster.

L - carnitine improves the heart and improves theenergy.

Reduces vitamin deficiency.

Tastes good.

Suitable for pregnant and lactating dogs


As a pet parent, you will be eager in for providingyour canine buddy with the best chance of living a joyful and healthy life.

The meals you feed your dog, they may or may not getthe vital nutrients, but the supplements will be provided in multiple ways.

Ensures the lack doesn’t occur in any way.

It is especially important in the young dogs whosegrowth depends on the balanced kind of feed they eat.

Promotes the normal bone development, strong teeth,healthy vision and lustrous coat, as well as overall physical strength.

Tablets would help the fully-grown dogs to maintaina robust health & high energy.


Crude Protein 9.9%

Crude Fat 2.7%

Crude Fiber 7.4%

Ash 12.5%

Moisture 4.7%

Calcium 1.8%

Phosphorus 1.3%

Sodium 0.2%

Potassium 0.03%


Breed type: Giant,Maxi, Medium, Mini.           

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