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Product Code : 199
Brand Name : TOXOMOX 250
Product Description


Whatis Toxo-Mox used for?

Used for short-term treatment for wide range ofbacterial infections common for cats & dogs, includes the skin disease,infections of skin which are caused by cuts, where bacteria entered throughit.wounds causing symptoms like itching, wounds filled with pus, hair loss& dried discharge.for treatment of urinary tract infections, smallintestine inflammation, upper & lower respiratory tract.

Whatdoes Toxo-Mox contain?

tablets which have the active ingredients of -amoxicillin (200mg) and clavulanic acid (50mg), for treatment of commonbacterial infections in cats and dogs.

Side effects: commonly found side effect -gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting, loss of appetite.

Whenshould Toxo-Mox not be used?

You should not give Toxo-Mox tablets 250mg to yourcat or dog if they:

shown signs of allergic reaction orhypersensitivity,

pregnant or lactating, without discussion with yourvet

kidney problems that cause them to produce lessurine than normal

liver problems

Howshould Toxo-Mox be taken?

Instructed orally to your dog or cat twice daily.The recommended dose is 12.5mg/kg bodyweight.

The number of tablets per body mass works out asfollows:

10-13kg (22-29 lb) ½ tablet

14-18kg (30-39 lb) 1 tablet

19-25kg (41-55 lb 1-1½ tablets

26-35kg (57-77 lb) 1½ -2 tablets

36-50kg (79-110 lb) 2-2½ tablets

Tablets usage should be followed by the vetinstructions, usually 5 - 7 days. If there is no improvement in your pet, orfor 48 hours after all symptoms have gone. In case, if needed your vet maysuggest a longer course of treatment,


10-20 days for chronic skin disease,

10-28 days for chronic cystitis,

8-10 days for respiratory disease.

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