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Worm Trap Tab

Worm Trap Tab
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Product Code : 141
Brand Name : Worm Trap Tab
Product Description


Worm Trap tablets contain a combination of threeanthelmintic drugs, praziquantel, pyrantel and febantel that are used as amulti-spectrum de-wormer for the pets.

The recommended doseis:

Half tablet up to 5kg (11lbs) body weight

1 tablets 6-10 kg (13-22lbs) body weight

Over 10kg (22lbs), 1 tablet/10kg (22lbs) bodyweight addinghalf a tablet for each 5kg (11lbs)


Product Name:

Worm Trap 10 Tablets/Pack

Also known as:

Drontal Plus

Active Ingredient:

Praziquantel 50mg/ Pyrantel Pamoate 144mg, Febantel 150mg



Provimi Animal Nutrition


Product Type:

Anthelmintic (dewormer)

Med-Vet Biolinks Private Limited